Fresh & Festive Edelweiss Skincare Duo
Fresh & Festive Edelweiss Skincare Duo

Fresh & Festive Edelweiss Skincare Duo


Say hello to your new secret weapon for skin that looks stronger* and smoother this Christmas with our vegan Festive & Fresh Edelweiss Skincare Duo.

Start your routine with two pumps of our Liquid Peel and smooth onto skin. It gently buffs and helps clears pollutants for a beautifully clean glow. Rinse and wipe off last traces.

Next, towel dry and massage in a pea-sized amount of our Intense Smoothing Cream. It hydrates skin and helps to protect it from pollution - a total bonus for city dwellers.

This is a gift that gives back. Your Liquid Peel and Edelweiss Smoothing Cream are enriched with high quality Community Fair Trade moringa seed oil from Rwanda. Our trade helps support a sustainable income for farmers living in the country's dry eastern provinces.

A vegan pampering treat for the skincare lover in your life (including yourself). It doesn't get much better than this.

*Skin that looks plump with moisture, with a smooth surface. Skin looks re-energised and refreshed.


  • Edelweiss Intense Smoothing Cream 50ml
  • Edelweiss Liquid Peel 100ml
Fresh & Festive Edelweiss Skincare Duo
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